Aroldo Noriega


Headmaster – Woodbridge Academy

Aroldo Noriega is our School Headmaster and founder. He graduated from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain, with a Master’s in Elearning.

He also holds a Master´s in Curriculum from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and a Master´s in Education from the same university.

He got his Bachelor’s degree from Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala, and since 1996 has been working in education.


Aroldo Noriega was born in Guatemala, Central America, in 1968. The picture was taken several years ago, but he has not changed it yet. 🙂

In 2001 he founded, along with his wife Dilia Morales, the Instituto Superior de Educación Abierta -ISEA- in Guatemala; in 2022, ISEA became the first online school accredited by Cognia in Central America.

In 2020 due to the needs brought about by the COVID pandemic, it was necessary to find a way to offer better curriculum alternatives to the growing number of international students at ISEA.

That is why Woodbridge Academy was established in Newport Beach, California, as a private, online, Christian non-denominational school to offer a California curriculum to Latin American students. Lately, it has also started to enroll students living in the US.