Woodbridge Homeschool it offers the following academic programs with teaching materials in English and tutorials in Spanish. We use a hybrid system for notes: A (85-100%); B (70-84%), C (60-69%), D (51-59%) and E ( less than 51%). A grade point average above 70% or B is required to pass a degree.

The following is a description of the curriculum used, however, please note that Woodbridge Homeschool allows parents or guardians to modify subjects and propose content in Spanish or” equivalent ” to the one delivered.

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To enroll in any program you must follow the following steps:

  • Fill application form solicitud de inscripciĆ³n and upload identification documents and previous studies in PDF format.
  • Documents of previous study do not have to have Apostille or legal passes, if they are in a language other than Spanish or English they must be accompanied by a simple translation. (not sworn).
  • Hold a video conference or call between one of our tutors and students, parents or guardians.
  • Make payment “Enrollment fee” (inscripciĆ³n)
  • If English is not mastered by the student or parent, you must make a tutoring contract.
  • Free diagnostic evaluation to determine strengths in the student that facilitate success in studies. Optional*
  • Formative evaluation (4 times during the degree). The results of these four formative evaluations give the final grade point average.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need documents to enter?

If you have them much better, but if you do not have documents, a diagnostic evaluation is made that must be requested from the tutor and depending on the chronological age of the student you can place them in the corresponding grade but you must request additional tutoring.

Can they advance to a degree if they complete their studies earlier?

Of course, each student can advance more than one grade during the school year as long as they submit the assessments, pass them and present evidence of their ability. Usually to advance in Grade, A video conference will be required where parents, student and tutor discuss the possibility of advancing.

If we wish to retire from Woodbridge Homeschool, we may continue studies at another school or at a local level.

Of course, this depends a lot on the regulations in your home country but if they accept apostilled documents then it is very likely to be possible. It is best to check local regulations before making any payment or registration.

I want to Apostille the documents myself. Is that possible?

If possible but note that you must receive the original Woodbridge Homeschool certificate and then mail it to the state office in Sacramento, California.